Passionate about what we do, at Fileuse d’Arvor we are proud of our expertise in producing impeccable quality clothing.
Luxury knitwear is our speciality and has been for nearly a century. Indeed, Fileuse d’Arvor is the oldest hosiery company in Brittany still trading.


1927 . Pierre and Marie Brest, grandparents of the company’s current director Michel Brest, start Fileuse d’Arvor in the family home in… Brest! Shortly afterwards they move the business thirty miles south to the small town of Pont-de-Buis.
1946 . On the move for the second and final time, the company sets up shop in Quimper and benefits from a local skilled workforce. The twenty or so employees manufacture mostly work sweaters.
De 1960-90 . Under the guiding hand of Robert Brest the company develops markedly and starts producing over 100,000 items a year.
2015 . Today Fileuse d’Arvor has a workforce of fifty and continues to grow in France and abroad.

Famous for our high-quality French craftsmanship refined over generations, Fileuse d’Arvor continues to attract discerning customers who seek real manufacturing expertise.

La Fileuse d'Arvor - The workers of Pont de Buis in 1927


Our distinctive logo was created back in 1927 when Fileuse d’Arvor was first set up.
It highlights the importance of family enterprise and continues to be associated with the brand.

Original logo "La Fileuse d'Arvor"

Values and Philosophy

Over the generations we have cultivated our passion for knitwear, enhancing our expertise and developing our sense of innovation and excellence.
In keeping with our century-old philosophy of “French made in Brittany”, we continue to select with great care the finest raw materials (merino wool, combed cotton, cashmere) from the very best textile mills in Europe.
We at Fileuse d’Arvor love a job well done, the beauty of a graceful design and the feel of the finest fabrics.
Attentive to your creative requirements, we are a reliable partner with the expertise to deliver the style you want.


Our workforce is split into four departments:

  • Design office
  • Knitting room
  • Making-up room
  • Management and Shipping