Design, research, knitting and making up

Fileuse d’Arvor’s knitting room features fifteen STOLL flat knitting machines of gauges 5 to 16.
The research and design office is staffed with 2 designers and 3 programmers working on a Stoll M1+ workstation.

Our keen expertise and technical rigour allows us to deploy a variety of complex knitting techniques:

  • Fully-fashioned
  • Intarsia
  • Jacquards
  • Multi-gauge knitting
  • Seamless

Fileuse d’Arvor, 100% made in France:

  • From design to the finished product, absolutely every stage of the production process takes place at our factory in Quimper (France).
  • Our operators in the making-up room work separately.
  • Throughout the production process we carry out checks to ensure the best possible quality.

Drawing on our considerable experience and heritage, Fileuse d’Arvor has three main lines of development:

  • Producing a navy-themed collection mainly for export, in particular Japan.
  • Collaborating with new French brands that are looking for quality manufacturing and expertise.
  • Continuing our decades-long partnerships with the upmarket ready-to-wear sector and luxury French brands.

Iconic products that define Fileuse d’Arvor


Inspired by the working clothes worn by fishermen in Douarnenez Bay, the Grand-père Brest jersey is an original knitted design dating from the 1940s.

We’ve since updated it to make it the leading product in our navy-themed collection.


An iconic design, this timeless French Navy shirt is always in fashion thanks to the charm of those classic stripes.

“Midship”, nickname of a legendary look that made Fileuse d’Arvor famous.
Knitted from soft combed cotton in our Quimper factory, the one and only Brest© navy shirt is made in the exactly same way as the traditional shirt of the French Navy. Sailors serving on the Jeanne d’Arc wore the shirt on her last voyage around the world.